• Mr. Ananta Narayan Jena
    Mr. Ananta Narayan Jena
    Mayor, BMC
  • Sj. Shubham Saxena
    Sj. Shubham Saxena, IAS
    Commissioner, BMC


Sl#Document TitleLanguageFile
1Application Form for Rashan CardEnglishDownload
2Application Form For Madhu Babu Pension Yojana-1EnglishDownload
3Orissa Right To Public Service Act 2012EnglishDownload
4Self Employment Programme-Group under DAY-NULMOdiyaDownload
5Self Employment Programme-Individual under DAY-NULMOdiyaDownload
6Mutation Application FormOdiyaDownload
7License Form for Offensive and Dangerous TradesEnglishDownload
8License application Form for businessEnglishDownload
9Rate chart of BuildingEnglishDownload
10Plinth area rate for non-residential buildingEnglishDownload
11Holding Tax guidelinesEnglishDownload
12Holding Tax valuation application FormEnglishDownload
13Holding Tax survey application FormEnglishDownload
14Bride guardians Affidavit FormEnglishDownload
15Bridegroom guardians Affidavit FormEnglishDownload
16Couple Affidavit FormEnglishDownload
17Marriage certificate Application FormEnglishDownload
18Kalyan Mandap Reservation Application FormBilingual (O/E)Download
19Death report Form no.-3EnglishDownload
20Death Certificate request FormEnglishDownload
21Birth Report Form no-2EnglishDownload
22Birth Application FormEnglishDownload
23Nurshing Home Enrollment FormEnglishDownload
24Self Declration Form IssueEnglishDownload
25Self Declaration form for issue or renewal of trade licenceEnglishDownload
26Chief Ministers Relief FundEnglishDownload
27Grievance FormEnglishDownload