• Dr. Krishan Kumar
    Mr. Ananta Narayan Jena
    Mayor, BMC
  • Dr. Krishan Kumar
    Dr. Krishan Kumar, IAS
    Commissioner, BMC

Citizen Info

Sl#Information for Citizens
3 Behera Sahi Satyanagar Basti Ward No-34 
4 Selection List of Patharabandha Slum-20 Cases 
5 Affected Household list for Extension of BPI Airport Development of Heritage CorridorFinal 
6 Selection List 24 casesfor Mahisiakhal 
7 Public Notice 
8 696 Beneficiaries List - Nilamdhab Basti 
9 Objection and Suggestion list for Aurobinda Nagar and Tarini Basti under BSUP 
10 Final list of Aurobinda Basti and Tarini Basti under BSUP 
11 Public Notice 
12 Public Notice For Construction of Road and Drain 
13 Santipali Aswas Yojana Report 
14 854 list of Nilamadhaba Basti 
15 Beneficiaries 1st Phase of Aurobinda Nagar Tarini Basti Ward No -09 under BSUP Project 
17 Street vendors list of BTCD area 
18 Application format for Gender Specialist and Youth Specialist in UNFPA-BSCL Project 
19 Terms of Reference ToR for Gender Specialist in UNFPA-BSCL Project 
20 Terms of Reference ToR for Youth Specialist in UNFPA-BSCL Project 
21 Trade License Collection 
22 Holding Tax Collection Till Oct. 2016 
23 Revised Self Declaration Format for RAY BSUP Advt. No-17105 Dated-25.10.2016 
24 Form for Slum Dwellers Advt. No-17105 Dated-25.10.2016 
25 Advertisement for Economical Weaker Section EWS 
26 Model Affidavit for Indidvidual New House Construction or Enhancement under PMAY 
27 Form B under Pradhan Mantri Awas YojanaPMAY 
28 Revise self declaration Affidavit Format for RAY and BSUP 
29 Mahishikhal Publication Notice 2nd 
30 2nd Phase Draft Report for Selection of Beneficiaries for Mahishikhal Slum Redevelopment Project 
31 Patharabandha Publication Notice 
32 2nd Phase Draft Report for Selection of Beneficiaries for Patharabandha Slum Redevelopment Project 
33 Report for Beneficiary Selection of Mahishikhal Redevelopment Project under Rajiv Awas Yojana RAY 
34 Draft Report for Beneficiary Selection of Patharbandha Redevelopment Project 
35 MyGov Collaboration Template 
36 Redesign of Ram Mandir Junction to Master Canteen Janpath 
37 Make your City Smart Bhubaneswar 
38 Competition for Redesign of BDA-OMC Park Sahidnagar Bhubaneswar 
39 Competition for Redesign of Ram Mandir Junction Bhubaneswar 
40 Penalty for Sri Smruti Ranjan Martha 
41 Corrigendum to BMC Notice No-11417 dated-02.07.2016 for Submission of required Documents by the Slum Dwellers 
42 Application received for deletion of name from the house hold list under ray 
43 Affidavit for Slum House Holds 
44 Format- A for Slum House Holds 
45 Documents required for slum shouse holds 
46 Household list of slums in Bhubaneswar 
47 Holding Tax DCB Position 2015-16 
48 Advertisement For The Post of Project Engineer Technical Assistant 
49 Space For Rent At BMC-Bhawani Saheednagar 
50 ASHA Selection Notice 
51 ASHA Application Form 
53 User Charges Gazett Notification 
54 Joint Hearing of Grievance for Khordha District 
55 User Charges Notice 
56 Notice to Sri Biswajit Mallick 
57 Notice to Sri Pradeep Kumar Sahoo 
58 Notice for personal interview of Dentist 
59 Synopsis for Advertisement Regulations 
60 Synopsis for Parking Regulations 
61 Synopsis for Septage Mgt Regulation 
62 Bhubaneswar Advertisement Regulations 
63 Bhubaneswar Parking Regulations 
64 Bhubaneswar Septage Mgt Regulation 
65 Public Notice Regarding Construction Of Road Drain 
66 Detailed EOI - Preparation of Early Warning Action Plan in Bhubaneswar City 
67 Declaration Form for House Owners and Tenants 
68 Public Notice 
69 List of Debarred Contractors-Agencies 
70 Application for IHL Form 
71 Debarred Notice of Sri Kaliprasad Das and Sri Abanish Kumar Baliarsingh 
72 Debarred Notice of Sri Rajiv Kumar Jena 
73 Debarred Notice of Sri Sanjay Kumar Sethy 
74 Public Notice 
75 Ward Details 
76 Zone Office of BMC 
77 Ward officer Details 
78 Drain Desilting Division I 
79 Drain Desilting Division II